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Smiling girl at the pianoBased in Calgary, Alberta and in Vancouver, BC, Miss Mozart In Home School of Music is the preferred choice for convenient music education in your own home. With Miss Mozart, students are matched with teachers based on what you are looking for in a great music teacher. Screened, fun and amazingly talented teachers come to your home giving your family a break from transportation hassels.

Give the gift of music to your family and enjoy your evening!

Miss Mozart also offers the option of 'Miss Mozart Approved' studio lessons in your neighbourhood.

About Miss Mozart

Expect convenience, expect the best.

Each in-home and studio teacher has to attain and maintain standards as set out by 'Miss Mozart' in order to meet her approval. Miss Mozart was created to give families a reliable, convenient method of choosing an exceptional music teacher. Each teacher is fully screened and is required to demonstrate that they are warm-hearted, talented and kid-friendly - the qualities she would want in a teacher for her own Little Mozart.

Miss Mozart has made music and the study of music her life and full time career. She is constantly being asked where to find a great piano teacher. Her musical schedule is consistently full because of her child centred approach to lessons and passion for teaching.

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Piano and Keyboard Lessons

Piano lessons are a wonderful way to begin your musical journey! Piano lessons promote fine and gross motor skills as well as a higher level of thinking and concentration. It can also be a wonderful stress reliever for any age. Piano also leaves the door open to easily transition or progress to other instruments. Read more...

Guitar Lessons

Guitar lessons for new students or to take experienced guitarists to the next level.

Contact the office for more details!

Singing Lessons

Singing lessons are a great way to incorporate all musical skills. Singing lessons can be taken alongside piano lessons. Singing is usually best learned when children are at least seven years of age. Very little equipment is needed for singing. If the teacher comes to your home it can be best to have a small keyboard for accompanying the student and keeping their tuning on track. All of the needed books and sheet music can be purchased through Miss Mozart.

Contact the office for details about singing lessons.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate?
Anyone! And music lessons aren't just for children! Many families arrange lessons back-to-back for more than one child or for a child and a parent.

How are lessons generally scheduled?
Lessons are generally 30 minutes each, but longer lessons can be arranged. Sessions can be arranged weekly, twice weekly, monthly, etc. based on progress or convenience.

Where are the lessons?
Lessons are in your home or at a Miss Mozart Approved neighbourhood studio.

Can we take lessons together in our home?
Yes! 2-3 beginner piano students can be taught at the same time. Another common scenario is for a group of neighbourhood preschoolers to get together once a week for an hour of Itsy Bitsy Mozart. Contact the office for details.

At what age should lessons begin?
Lessons can begin at any age. Successful musicians and a love of music can begin as early as age two with Itsy Bitsy Mozart programming (singing and keyboard exploration) all the way through to seniors who have always wanted to learn to play.

What area does Miss Mozart In-Home School of Music serve?
Miss Mozart serves Calgary, Alberta and surrounding areas as well as Vancouver, BC.


Do you need extra students to fill some of your time spots? Do you want to decide what to charge for each lesson but not have the headache of billing, collection and making sure you get paid fairly? Do you want to have a full lesson roster of hand-picked students? If you are an excellent teacher with or without a home studio, Miss Mozart is interested in talking to you. The goal of Miss Mozart is to offer awesome teachers excellent pay (you set your rate, excellent hours (you set your own schedule) and freedom to decide where you want to teach (at home, at Miss Mozart's studio or in the student's home). Of course, if you choose to travel to a student's home, travel time has to be taken into consideration and teachers are paid more for in-home lessons. Miss Mozart wants to fill your studio with great students and continue to support your quality teaching. It costs a fortune to advertise and to get started with or continue a successful full studio. Miss Mozart takes care of all the administration, billing and uncomfortable money issues so that you only have to focus on teaching wonderful families. You will always be paid for lessons even with last minute cancellations and on your terms. Please drop Miss Mozart a line with your contact information and anything else that you would like her to know. We are actively recruiting piano and/or keyboard teachers as well as voice and preschool teachers in your Calgary and area neighbourhoods as well as in Vancouver, BC. Arrange your audition today!

Miss Mozart would like to talk to you! Please contact us! Be sure to include a resume and your contact information.

Thank you for your interest in Miss Mozart In Home School of Music!

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