Are you looking for an amazing music teacher?

Piano Lessons

Piano lessons are a wonderful way to begin your musical journey! Piano lessons promote fine and gross motor skills as well as a higher level of thinking and concentration. It can also be a wonderful stress reliever for any age. Piano also leaves the door open to easily transition or progress to other instruments.

Once you have contacted Miss Mozart we will set into motion the search for your family's best teacher. The process is meant to be stress-free and fun. Many parents are looking for a kind hearted, talented teacher that is ready to listen and teach in a gentle manner. We can discuss the various styles and different routes that music can take.

After a match has been made the teacher will call you to set up a time that works for your family. Your teacher will come to your home and teach while your family goes about their daily routine. Alternatively lessons can be arranged at a Miss Mozart approved studio in your neighbourhood. Miss Mozart will contact you within a week of your first lesson to ensure that a great match was made.

Prior to your first lesson or immediately after, Miss Mozart will contact you in regards to what you will need in terms of materials. We will make sure that you are appropriately set up for your lessons. This might include note books, music books or even an instrument.

Children can play their favourite songs in as little as a few weeks and sometimes within the first lesson. There are several methods of piano learning. Each method can target a student's strenghths. Piano learning can take place at any age depending on the student. It is never too early or too late to consider lessons. Contact the office today to let Miss Mozart know how she can help find you a great teacher today.

Keyboard Lessons

Keyboard lessons are wonderful for beginner students. They offer many of the benefits of piano without the large, expensive instrument. A keyboard has many sound options which can motivate a child to continue learning their favourite songs. A beginning keyboard can be obtained quite inexpensively and upgraded later on as needed.

Contact Miss Mozart to discuss various options and what may suit your family best.

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